General Questions

How do I request a Payoff?
To request a pay­off we must have the request in writ­ing and signed by one of the sign­ing bor­row­ers.  Please email your request to us at (or by fax to (954)380-8650) and include the fol­low­ing information:

  • Loan/Account Num­ber
  • Bor­row­ers Name
  • Prop­erty Address
  • Date Pay­off Good Through
  • Source of Funds (sale, refi­nance, per­sonal funds, etc)

How do I obtain addi­tional infor­ma­tion such as dupli­cate doc­u­ments and his­to­ries on my loan?
To request any other infor­ma­tion on your loan such as a dupli­cate tax doc­u­ment, state­ment, loan his­tory or copy of mort­gage and note doc­u­ments, a writ­ten request signed by the signer(s) on the loan note must be faxed to (954)380-8650 or emailed to  There is a fee for these ser­vices.  Please refer to the Cur­rent Fees sec­tion for more details about the fees for each item.

If my loan has been paid off or trans­fered to a new ser­vicer, how do I get copies of pre­vi­ous years tax doc­u­ments or Loan Histories?
If you no longer have a loan being ser­viced by us, you can still obtain this infor­ma­tion by sending your request in writ­ing to us. Your let­ter must include bor­row­er’s name, Loan Num­ber, doc­u­ment needed, years cov­ered in doc­u­ment, prop­erty address and bor­row­er’s sig­na­ture. In addi­tion, a check payable to us must be included for each of the documents requested.. Doc­u­ment Fees can be found on the Current Fees page.

How will I receive my escrow account refund after my loan is paid off?
A Refund check of any escrow bal­ance and pay­off over­ages will be issued and sent within 21 days of a loan being paid in full.
The refund will be sent to the mail­ing address in our sys­tem.  If you will no longer be resid­ing at that address and wish for the check to be sent to a dif­fer­ent address, you must include the new address in writ­ing no later than the time of pay­off.  This letter MUST be signed by any and all parties listed on the loan or note and can be included with the pay­off funds.  If payoff funds are being wired, the request can be emailed to or faxed to (954)380-8650.

How do I order a Verification of Mortgage on my loan?
To request a Ver­i­fi­ca­tion of Mort­gage or Let­ter of Credit we must have the request in writ­ing and signed by one of the sign­ing bor­row­ers.  Please email your request to or fax your request to us at (954) 380-8650.  Be sure to include the Borrower’s Name and the Account/Loan Number.


What forms of payments do you accept?
We accept checks, money orders, cashier’s checks, Check By Phone, Online Check By Web, wires and ACH (auto­matic reoc­cur­ring monthly debit)

Do I have a "Grace Period" before my payment is late?
Your pay­ment is due on the date listed on your loan note as well as on your state­ment or coupons.  If your loan has a grace period, it will be spec­i­fied in your loan note.  Grace peri­ods can range from 5 to 15 days and are based on cal­en­dar days.

Can I make my payment in person?

Absolutely.  You can make your payments in person at our Broward County, Florida location.  The address for this location is:

2 South University Drive

Suite 325

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33324

Free Visitors Parking is available in the rear of the building.

Our walk-in business hours are from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday except all National Holidays.

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Below are the cat­e­gories con­tain­ing the most com­mon ques­tions asked.  If you don't see the ques­tion or answer you are look­ing for, feel free to con­tact us and we'll be happy to answer it for you.

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Taxes, Insurance and Escrow

What does my monthly escrow include?
Your monthly escrow pay­ment may includes both taxes and insur­ance or only one of each.  You can refer to your HUD clos­ing doc­u­ments or last year’s Escrow Analy­sis to deter­mine which items are being escrowed.  If you are not sure, feel free to con­tact us and we will be happy to help you.

If my insurance is escrowed then why am I receiving expiration notices from you?
We apol­o­gize for any con­fu­sion these let­ters may cause.  The let­ters and their word­ing are required by law to be sent to you 30 and 15 days prior to expi­ra­tion and on the date of expi­ra­tion, if not already renewed.  Because you are the pol­i­cy­holder, there are times that your insur­ance agent may not send us the invoice for the renewal or proof of insur­ance.  If you receive this let­ter it is our way of ask­ing you for your assis­tance in get­ting a copy of the renewal invoice.  You or your agent can fax the invoice to us at (954)380-8650.

When is my Annual Escrow Analysis performed?
Annual escrow analy­sis is done the first week of Jan­u­ary every year.  You should receive your escrow analy­sis with your 1098 Tax Form by the sec­ond week of January. Any increases or decreases in monthly escrow will take effect with your February payment.

If my escrow analysis resulted in a surplus, when will that amount be refunded to me?
In most cases any surplus refund will be included with your escrow analysis and 1098.  If your analysis shows a surplus but no refund was included with your analysis, please feel free to contact us to determine cause.

How is my monthly escrow amount determined?
The equa­tion used to deter­mine monthly escrow is based on a stan­dard­ized method used by all bank and pri­vate ser­vicers.  It is based on deter­min­ing the amount needed each month to insure that at its low­est bal­ance, your escrow account never goes below a two-month cushion.

What is an escrow "overage" or "deficiency"?

To insure that your escrow bal­ance does not drop below a two-month cush­ion at its low­est point, your escrow bal­ance must begin the year with a spe­cific bal­ance.  If your bal­ance is above this spe­cific amount then you have a sur­plus.  Any sur­plus over $50.00 will be refunded to you with your annual escrow analy­sis.  If your bal­ance is below that specific amount, then you have a defi­ciency.  If your defi­ciency is less than one month’s escrow pay­ment then it will be due with your next monthly P&I and T&I pay­ment.  If the amount is greater than one month’s escrow, then it will be bro­ken out over the next 12 monthly P&I and T&I payments.

If the County over-charges me on my taxes and issues a large refund can I request my escrow analy­sis be re-run?
Absolutely.  If you are issued a sub­stan­tial refund due to over­pay­ment of taxes, please sub­mit a request to us in writ­ing and we can re-run your escrow analy­sis.  Send requests to or fax them to (954) 380‑8650.