Accepting Challenges. Creating Opportunities. Delivering Results.

Grove Gate Lender Services is a Florida based, privately owned, niche loan servicer for private investors and small to medium regional banks. We specialize in working with each of our clients to develop a completely customized servicing program that meets the needs of our clients and their customer's unique requirements.

Grove Gate was created with the belief that private investors, and small to medium sized regional banks deserve a loan servicing partner that would treat them the same way they treat their own customers. By providing you with personal attention to your servicing needs we become a partner in your institution's success.

Grove Gate services all types of loans, ranging from equity secured loans, including commercial real estate and residential property loans to consumer and auto loans. We currently service loans in the US and Canada for institutions and investors with customer's in the US, Canada, South and Central America and Europe.

While loan servicing and portfolio management remains the cornerstone of Grove Gate Lender Services, we also provide our clients with assistance in Portfolio Risk Analysis, Due Diligence, Regulatory & Compliance Advisory, Specialty Auto Finance Review, Loan Origination Systems (LOS), Special Servicing, Nonperforming Asset Management and Rental or HOA Processing.

Accepting Challenges. Creating Opportunities. Delivering Results.